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What You Need to Know About Blisters

Blisters are usually not deadly and would hardly require medical attention but they can still be dangerous if it is left untreated. Starting with your blister, bacterial or fungal infection has the potential to spread to other regions and may even contain sepsis that could cause abnormal blood clotting. One of the cases that pose a grave threat is when the widespread blistering in infants with severe junctional epidermolysis bullosa increases the risk of infections and fluid loss which could eventually lead to death.

Our team in East Berlin Pharmacy has gathered some tips to prevent blisters and infections.

If you have blisters, it’s best to leave them alone for the meantime and temporarily suspend the activity that caused it. When it comes to proactive measures, the first step to applying wound care when it comes to blisters is by covering them. We have padding rolls and other medical supplies in East Berlin, Pennsylvania.

Padding rolls or any other form of padding should be applied to pressure areas like the bottom of the feet. We strongly advise against popping or draining a blister as this could lead to infection, but if the size is large as to cause great discomfort, you may ask assistance from one of our healthcare members in our pharmacy in Pennsylvania for the proper procedure in draining the blister.

As your blister heals you can ask for healthcare products like an ointment to help with its speedy treatment.

Our drug store is here to help you with a variety of health essentials for you and your loved ones.

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