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Choosing Generic Medications: Is It Better?


Medications can become daily necessities for our health and well-being, especially when we get sick or manage a health condition like diabetes.

When getting prescription drugs, you can either choose between generic or brand-name. But most of the time, people may want to buy the branded one because when one hears the word “generic,” some immediately think of “knock-offs” due to their inability to compete with the original.

Although generic medications are typically cheaper than their name-brand counterparts as healthcare products, it is essential to remember that their quality is the same as the branded ones.

Generic pharmaceuticals are equivalent to their brand-name counterparts because they were developed to serve as replacements for the latter and provide the same advantages you can buy in our pharmacy in Pennsylvania.

Moreover, due to the inexpensive cost of generic medicine, many insurance companies often pay for it. You won’t have to worry about out-of-pocket expenditures regarding generic medications, as insurance typically covers them completely.

But before you decide to choose your medications, you should look into your other options. A trusted pharmacist can help you select the proper drug and serve as a liaison between you and your doctor.

East Berlin Pharmacy offers generic maintenance medications whenever you need them for your health. We also have medical supplies in East Berlin, Pennsylvania, if you require them to care for your wounds, incontinence, and more.

Allow us to be your reliable pharmacy for your healthcare needs!

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