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Preventing Medicine Poisoning in Children


In young children, administering too much or too little medication may have significant negative effects. What’s more, around 50,000 children under the age of five are hospitalized every year for poisoning after getting ahold of pharmaceutical drugs by accident.

These are only a few reasons why keeping medicines out of kids’ vicinity is imperative. For parents who need help to achieve this, we at East Berlin Pharmacy, your trusty pharmacy in Pennsylvania, are right at your service!

Here, we are not only committed to providing high-quality medical supplies in East Berlin, Pennsylvania. We also see to it that we disseminate crucial tips and tidbits to you, our valued customers.

That said, the following are what you can do to prevent accidental medicine poisoning among your little ones:

  • Keep all medicines out of sight and out of reach
    It is strongly encouraged to keep medicines where they can’t be seen. The optimum location is in a cupboard with a child-proof lock. Avoid keeping pills and other similar healthcare products on a counter or table because children may attempt to climb up if they see them.
  • Know how to give medicines safely
    When giving medications to your children, always use the measuring cup, dropper, or syringe that came with them, or ask the pharmacist for one. A household spoon or cup should not be used to measure liquid medication.
  • Don’t let children see you taking medicines
    We are all aware that children want to imitate adults. As a result, avoid taking medications in front of your little children.

For further questions or concerns, you may contact us or visit our drug store anytime!

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