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What Should Be Inside Your First Aid Kit?


First aid kits are lifesavers, especially in emergencies. In the case where medical assistance takes time to arrive, having a first aid kit on hand and knowing how to use it, will prevent the injury from worsening.

Any local drug store carries a variety of healthcare products and supplies that can be added to your kit. Some even carry ready-to-go first aid kits, but they are seldom recommended by professionals, such as emergency responders. So, to help you know which supplies to add to your pack, read on below.

The American Red Cross suggests having a kit handy at home and in the car, as well as learning where first aid kits are located in your place of work. Providers of medical supplies in Pennsylvania may carry specified first aid kits that cater to specific activities, such as hiking or boating.

When creating your own kit, make sure to include any prescription you’re taking. Also, make it a point to check your inventory regularly and see which healthcare products are expired.

The following are supplies recommended by the American Red Cross and can be found at any pharmacy in East Berlin, Pennsylvania.

  • Absorbent compress dressings
  • Adhesive bandages of varying sizes
  • Antibiotic creams or ointments
  • Antiseptic wipes
  • Aspirin
  • Emergency blanket
  • Cold compress
  • Nonlatex gloves, preferably large
  • Sterile gauze
  • Thermometer
  • Triangle bandage
  • Tweezers and scissors
  • An Emergency First Aid Guide

Most of these items can be found at our pharmacy or ordered online at the American Red Cross store. We recommend keeping a bag of these supplies in your medicine cabinet, car, workplace, or travel bag for safekeeping.

For more health tips, feel free to get in touch with East Berlin Pharmacy today!

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