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Self-Medication Can Be Dangerous


We all need medications to address a wide range of health conditions. As soon as we feel health problems, we run straight to the drug store and buy the correct medicines to ease them. However, many of these medications can still be harmful to the body.

As we continue to provide medications and medical supplies in Pennsylvania, we believe consumers need to be responsible when taking their medications. With that, they should avoid self-medicating as much as possible.

Self-medication essentially means taking medicines without the advice or recommendation of a healthcare professional. As mentioned, medications and healthcare products can still harm our health despite their role in healing. They are still foreign substances, after all. This practice is often done with accessible medications like OTC drugs.

Taking drugs with little to no guidance will lead to drug misuse. Improperly taking these medications can cause reactions that will harm your overall health.

Self-medication can even cause your health problems to complicate. Some can even lead to fatalities, as these medications are toxic when ingested in large quantities.

Apart from the immediate harm that comes with self-medication, this practice also hinders you from getting the help you need. Self-medication does not address your problem and stops you from acquiring the correct treatments for your ailments. Your health is at risk of further deterioration.

Let us help you take your medications properly here at East Berlin Pharmacy. Our pharmacy in East Berlin, Pennsylvania, can provide you with your needed medications and provide medication management and consultation services, so you can take them with peace of mind. Call us today!

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