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Why Vaccines and Immunizations Matter

Immunization helps our immune system get used to the virus or bacteria linked to a certain illness. As such, this serves as a training guide for our body to fight and remember so that when the time comes that you do get infected with a certain bacteria, your body knows how to defend itself.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests having annual vaccinations to update your doses and keep you healthy. The website shares important notes that would help you keep track of what vaccinations should be taken by every age group (from birth up to older adults aged 50-60 years old). One of the most important vaccines that all age groups are required to take is flu shots and Tdap vaccines.

For individuals with underlying health conditions, however, make sure to get in contact with your physician in order to identify which vaccines are for you. Often, specific conditions do not mix well with vaccines, which may cause health complications. The CDC also offers a guide called Recommended Immunizations for Adults (19 Years and Older) by Medical Condition.

East Berlin Pharmacy offers quality and reliable healthcare products that aim to improve your health. We are also a one-stop-shop for immunizations as part of pharmaceutical services. Make sure to get in touch with our pharmacists to ensure what vaccines are available and recommended for you.

Our pharmacy in East Berlin, Pennsylvania, is committed to providing individual-based solutions to help you navigate through your healthcare needs. Thus, we provide a selection of services designed to help optimize your wellness.

Aside from immunizations, our services extend from medication refills to long-term care pharmacy services and medical supplies in Pennsylvania.

For all of your wellness needs, do not hesitate to visit our pharmacy.

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